From Quebec

I would never buy a Grand AM. It’s been a while since I’ve had to drive with an automatic transmission, and I can now affirm that I refuse to buy a car with one. They completely remove any fun that could be had from driving. As for the Grand AM, one of the features that annoys me is that the radio doesn’t turn off when the car is shut off. Instead the radio doesn’t turn off until the car door is opened. The car is boring.

Of course, it’s probably a little better the aveo that I was expecting to have for the week.

Rimouski seems like a decent little place. Besides the fact that it’s bitter cold here, and I can’t really see anything when/if I go for a walk after work because it’s already dark outside.

I have had some fun making an absolute fool out of myself by attempting to speak French. It’s become very obvious that I really seem to not have learned anything in all my courses. When I get back home, I’m going to try and find a French speaking club/group/exchange that I can join. How will I ever be able to manage living in my chateau in the south of France if I can’t speak the language?

Last night I found a Snowboard shop. Wow! It puts every store back home to shame, they had hundreds of boards.. all of them out of my price range. and lots of really cool hats and clothes. I was tempted to buy a board, just because they looked so amazing. In the end I walked out with a board bag since I realized that I’d be needing one at some point. I tried to talk to the guy in French, but failed miserably. Thank god he spoke good English.

So vacationing in a place where I can’t speak the language is extremely difficult. It’s quite often embarrassing, but there’s something strange that happens when you think about words that you don’t really have any attachment to.