Going to Vancouver

I’m moving.

Heather and I will be going together to Vancouver sometime around April 10th if everything stays on schedule. The only thing holding us up is finding an apartment, which, eventhough there’s lots to choose from, is not easy when you can’t go look at the places.

The job market looks healthy. So I’m not expecting it to be too difficult to find some kind of work relatively quickly.

Right now we’re looking to get a place in the west end of downtown Vancouver. it’s a nice area with lots of big apartment buildings plenty of shopping, and very close to the core of Vancouver. Stanley Park is going to be just a short walk up the street where we’ll be able to see the belugas and go wandering through the large trees.

There’s a couple of nice beaches in the downtown area that we’ll be able to enjoy for most of the summer.

I can’t wait to get out there.