Jobs in Vancouver

Now that I’m officially unemployed I’ve started to look for work in Vancouver. Yesterday I spent the morning sending resumes west, and surprise surprise I immediately got a phone call back from one of the employment agencies.

Not like finding work in St. John’s that’s for sure.

So now I’m on the list for a company called TES, that handles small and large computer jobs. Apparently they will call me if there’s work to be done in St. John’s until the end of the month and then when I move to Vancouver I’ll be on the list there until some real job comes up. I was really impressed with the professionalism that the person had on the phone, she sounded young and had the right slang about computers to make her sound like she knew what she was talking about.

With this I may or may not have any real money coming in when I get to Vancouver. The fact that I got a call back with some potential after one day of sending out emails makes me feel a whole lot better about this move.

I can’t wait to rollerblade around Stanley Park. I’m so excited. Waiting until May 2nd may cause me to go nutty.