First week in Vancouver has been extremely good. My first impressions of the city have been promising. The trees are full, grass is green, and weather beautiful. I feel a bit anxious about finding work and an apartment by the end of the month but I also have a sense that there is a lot of potential here.

There’s a couple of interesting things about this city that I’ve discovered so far:
1. Busses are very useful when they work
2. The street layouts are ingenous.. it’s gridded with the main roads having six lanes then the other roads are smaller residential streets that use round-a-bouts to slow down the traffic. The result is that there’s no through traffic in the residential areas and very little noise. There’s alley’s behind all the streets that gives good access to the backyards and means that you can put a nice garage in the back yard.
3. just because there’s dense tall buildings doesn’t mean that walking the streets is not like a pleasant walk through the park.

So far I’m in love with the city.

Anyone trying to reach me can call or text my new cell phone, 778-840-8836.

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