Heather started work

Today is Heather’s first day at the office. I have to admit that I am feeling a little jealous that she got what should be a really nice position while I haven’t had very much success in my search yet.

So today I’ve decided to learn some new things, and I’ve spent the morning setting up Apache and PHP on my computer so that I can easily test out some of the neater features. I’ve been wanting to try out the sqlite database for a while, but after seeing a lecture about it on Google Videos I decided to actually download it and see what I could do.

Databases is something that I wish I had more experience with. I did extremely well with the course in University but I’ve managed to avoid using them in any ‘real’ way. With sqlite the barrier to entry is low enough for me to start figuring out what’s possible.

Today I have an interview with a company called Telegence. They do those telephone dating services where you meet people in the local area. Apparently they pretty much have a monopoly on the market and are continuing to grow at a strong pace. It’s actually just down the street from where I’m living too so that’s neat.

The way they’re doing the interview process struck me as interesting. It’s an open house, they invited a handful of people to show up for 2 hours this evening to talk with the developers and see the technology, there’s some door prizes and stuff too. Then they’re giving everyone a time for a private one-on-one interview. I think it’s smart to do it that way, dedicate 2 hours of the day and interview 5-10 people simultaneously. I also benefit because I get to see the competition.