New Phone

After pay day on Friday, I finally made the leap and got set up with Vonage. Basically all I had to do to get my new phone service was walk down to the local London Drugs, pick up a little gadget that plugs into my network and then follow the instructions to sign up online.

The result?

30 minutes from when I bought the thing at the corner store, I had a new phone number up and running.

The Vonage service is costing me only $20/month. and with that I get 500 minutes to anywhere in North America or most of Europe. I get voice mail, call display, call waiting, three way calling, call forwarding, and a host of other rather neat features. There’s a web site where I can log in and see up to the minute status of my usage, check my voice mail online, and set and configure the various options.

So far I’ve been very impressed with the ease of install, and the quality of the phone line.

I highly reccommed looking into vonage for your next phone line.