In early November Costco will be openning a location in downtown Vancouver.  Membership cards are already in hand, and I’ll be able to pick up all the bulk food that I’ve always wanted very soon.  As a bonus there is a small bus that drives directly between the apartment and the store. So I’ll be able to look foolish carrying big boxes of frozen lunches on the public transit.
Last weekend we went to Ikea, the worlds best furniture store, to pick up a few items that were missing from the apartment.  I finally have a solid wood desk. Desks are something that I had looked for in the past, and was amazed at just how hard it is to find a good one.  The low end desks at Staples were made with press board, and had that fake wood laminate on them,  the back was usually made with stiff cardboard and the whole thing was held together with staples.  Ikea managed to get me a desk made out of real wood, held together with real screws (that are effectively hidden from view), and it actually looks like it could last 10 years and not fall apart.  And Ikea sold it to me for less than $200.  And they delivered it the next day (Sunday morning).  In addition to the fabulous desk, the apartment now has a bookshelf, a cool new knife set, and a clothes hamper.
For the next while I’m going to have to rein in my spending.
That got me thinking of a neat new idea…