New Project

Despite my statement in a recent posting that I would be holding off on any spending I did have to spend a bit of money this weekend. However, I’m considering it to be more of an investment.

I picked up an external hard drive, because I don’t trust the hitatchi one, in fact I was planning on getting a new drive 5 months ago, but have been procrastinating on the purchase. The new drive allows me to backup the valuable data that I have on both my laptop and PC.

Also on the receipt from Best Buy was a new wireless router. The router I had wouldn’t work with the wireless enabled. I think the cordless phone caused too much interference and would make it go nuts and reboot. Now I can finally use my laptop (on my new desk).

Now that I can use my laptop again, my productivity has gone up. All day Sunday I worked on a Web 2.0 site that I’m very excited about, and can’t wait to finally unveil it. I’ve developed the user account database, login and registration parts of the site, so on Monday I’ll be able to start working on the main application. Fingers crossed, I will have a prototype working next weekend and launch the site two weeks from today.

One of the neatest things about a Web 2.0 startup is the low startup cost. This project will cost me $30 for a domain name, and 2 weeks worth of my time. After it’s launched, it’s time to get into the marketing to attract as many people as possible. The other neat thing is that once I’ve developed the framework for this one, the next will be even easier to get going.

Stay tuned.