Net Worth

This is the second month now since I’ve started what I hope will be a habit of mine.
I created a spreadsheet to track my net worth. It’s a way for me to have a snapshot of how I’m progressing as I become rich. In a year or so I hope to be able to see a good trend in my net worth.
Currently I’m doing some aggressive saving, and for the last 3 months I’ve been putting away about 25% of my net income. Most of that I’m just holding as cash, and not doing any investing. But when I get enough, I’ll move it into my investing account and start to try and grow it. Primarily this money is intended for retirement, but at my age I can also use it for some fairly high risk investment opportunities.
I made my first trade on December 16th 2005, nearly one year ago and that got me curious as to what my first annual return was from the stock market. Throughout the year I put $2328 into my investing account and today that account is worth over $3000. That’s a very respectable annual return of nearly 30% after fees. I feel kind of psyched to start my investing with a record like that.
Currently my Net Worth spreadsheet, however, still has me weighed down by my student loan. Right now I’m worth about -8 grand.
But I’m on my way up.