New Suit

Tis the season, and that means Christmas parties.  Heather’s office is throwing one on Saturday (Tomorrow) and mine is the week after.  Both promise to be something special, with mine being very much a mystery. 
For my office, they send around stretched limos to pick up everyone. The limos have a stocked bar, so there’s a glass of champagne for the ride.  When we get to wherever it is, there’ll be an open bar, with some extremely expensive drinks, and good food.  Afterwards the limos will take us back to our apartment.  Pretty extravagant.  What happens at the party is secret until we get there.  But considering that when I got the job here they told me that the Christmas party was one of the big perks in working here, my expectations are pretty high.
To look the part I’m going to get a three piece suit tonight before the first party tomorrow.