Today I finished the last of the core functionality for my Web 2.0 website at .  The last thing that I had to do was enable the email notices notifying people when they should be paying a bill.  Doing this website I got a taste of just how easy it is now to put together a compelling online web service.  It truely is amazing the amount of reach you can get with something online, as well as the ease of developing things.
Now with the use of AJAX techniques it’s easy to organize a website for easy maintanance. It’s easy to use the right language for the purpose it was designed for.  My website uses Javascript, Python, PHP, SQL, XHTML, and CSS.  Leveraging a javascript librarary made using AJAX trivial, and gives the opportunity to easily improve the way the page interacts.  PHP makes it easy to connect to the database, and generate segments of the pages.  CSS keeps things looking consistant. and Python gives me the power to do the date manipulations, and scheduling things.
The world is only 17 years old.  Young enough for me to make my mark on it.