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The only real problem that I have with my apartment is that it is hard to get UPS and FedEX to deliver packages.  In most new condo’s the delivery people have access to the floors and can drop off packages when nobody is around to accept it.  In my case those people can never make it in the apartment to leave a package so I have to pick it up at the depot all the way down by the airport after work, and before they close.  The thing is that when I buy things online, sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s being sent with fedex or ups or just canada post.
I recently ordered a cable to connect my computer to the TV, it’s a special cable (DVI to HDMI) that is hard to find at most electronic stores like futureshop, except the ones from Monster Cables which cost $200 for some reason.  I ordered mine for $16, and two days later I had a sticker from UPS saying that they tried to deliver it but nobody was home. The next day there was another sticker and the day after that another one.  After 3 attempts they leave it at the warehouse before usually returning it to the sender. Then on Friday I got a call from UPS they were still holding my package and asked me for an alternate delivery address.  I was impressed.  I had talked to Fedex before, and they were unwilling to change the address of a previous package and deliver it to me at work.  Instead of 2 days it took 2 weeks but I did get my cable, but I did get it.
I just have to remember to ship to my work address in the future.
This cable will give me full resolution on my big screen, hopefully without much tweaking.  HDMI is a fully digital signal which means that it should have carry a very impressive picture.  Right now the computer is a bit far away from the TV to actually be hooked up so I might not get to use it until I get my Mac.