Living at the 4 Seasons

Thanks to Heather’s excellent employer, we have been able to get 2 free nights at the 4 Seasons Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Last night and tonight we are staying in a really nice room on the 21st floor that looks north towards the mountains. It’s only 2 blocks from my office so the walk back to the room after work will be a lot shorter than my usual 25min hike. Tonight Heather will be working late, but I’ll be able to check out the swimming pool after work.
Staying in that rather well decorated room last night and one thought came up. How nice it would be to live at the 4 Seasons. The concierge service, laundry, room cleaning, and the bathrooms with marble countertops and walls would be totally cool. Being in the heart of downtown has a different vibe from English Bay.
Last night we went out to a Japanese restaurant for a late supper with some of Heather’s co-workers. We had a good time, and I had my first sake bomb, which is a shot of sake dropped into a beer.