Robots Increase Visa Credit Limit

To pay for the Dale Carnegie course, I needed to increase my credit limit on my Visa. Last night I made a call into the 1 800 number on the back of my card and was not all that surprised that an automated phone system answered the phone.  What I was not expecting was that I would not get to speak to a person the entire call.  I was stepped through the process, first the phone asked me to type in my salary so I pressed the numbers on the touch pad and a second later the voice confirmed the number back to me.  Then I was asked to type in the amount I’d like to have my limit increase by. Moments later the voice confimed that my credit was increased and that it is available to me immediatly.  That was it! Phone call over.  I had 2 thousand more dollars accessable to me in 5 minutes of automated phone call bliss.