January update

The end of January and the beginning of February marks the 9th month that I’ve been in Vancouver.  Things are now settled down and I feel like I know the city (at least the downtown area). 
During the month of January, I re-launched www.halotis.com and have so far managed to keep my interest in contributing to the page.  I spent some time promoting the website which resulted in a minor improvemnt in traffic.  I submitted it to both Yahoo and Google as well as a bunch of other niche indexes.  I developed a plan for creating quality content for the site.  Hopefully February will bring build on the growth so far.
I registered for the Dale Carnegie course, and will be attending that from Feb 13th to May 8th.  I’m looking forward to that.
I attended a seminar about real-estate investing, and am now sold on the idea of moving some properties in the future.
“Getting Things Done” has improved my productivity, I actually have been getting better at starting and finishing tasks.  I’d like to read the book again in February to refresh and keep me on track.
Work has been going alright but I think I’d much rather be full time CEO of HalOtis.  I’m not ready for that move yet.