Open CMS

Yesterday I found a piece of software that I which I had known about years ago. The Open CMS software is a Content Management platform on which there are a lot of really good niche products built. In fact the software that runs is running on one of them.

What specifically interested me was that there are a bunch of really full featured e-commerce platforms for building robust websites. It includes all the functionality that I could think of. From managing credit card payments and shipping options, to inventory, and sales promotions. If I’d of known it was so simple to start a web store maybe I would have opened several of them by now. I definitely would have considered it for Atlantic Rug Hooking. In fact I’m considering downloading and trying to see how difficult it would be to re-do the site.

Another thing that sparked my interest was a Client Relationship Management platform called SugarCRM. It basically helps manage everything from projects to employees to monitoring opportunities, and a bunch of other stuff. I was thinking about trying it out. Never know when I might need to manage some employees.