Positive first steps at a Real-estate renting listings site

Last week the idea came up to run a website to post real-estate listings for the Vancouver area.  The original idea was to design a site based on the Calgary site: www.rentfaster.ca.  After a few days of thinking and researching the idea further I thought that the best thing would be to contact the operator of www.rentfaster.ca and see if I could just extend their site to include Vancouver.
Last night I got a response back from rentfaster.ca.  There is definitely some interest on their side, and now it’s just a matter of seeing if there is a deal that can be reached.
I’m very excited about this possibility.  I would get the chance to do some real business with my business, including hiring people, designing/executing a marketing plan, and doing some sales.  To really make money with this business I’d have to make cold calls to property management companies in Vancouver and let them know about the site, gauge their interest, and make them realize that they want to become a client.
This would be a big step for me, but I know that with the right effort there is plenty of money to be made here.  I’m excited and scared at the same time.
If this deal comes through,  I will have a solid opportunity to develop my entrepreneurship skills so I can create even more successful business ventures in the future.
All those books I’ve been reading over the last 6 months really have developed my thinking about how to do this sort of thing successfully.  There’s only so much you can learn from reading, at some point the next step is to jump into the situation and learn every things else by doing them.
This is a different approach than I would have taken a year ago.  As someone with the technical skills to design one of these sites from scratch, I would have dug right into the coding process, and if I managed to finish with a website I probably wouldn’t know what to do with it other than put it online and hope people found it.  This time I’m trying to skip all the technical stuff and jump right into sales.  There’s a tremendous difference there, and I hope that it’s what makes the difference between my past ventures, not taking off, and this one succeeding.
I’m jumping the gun here though.  Next step is to negotiate a deal and land it.