Review Me and get paid

There is a new thing in the world of blog marketing where anyone with a blog can get paid for writing reviews of other blogs. In fact you will be able to get paid to blog about the posts on this blog or about other things.

PayPerPost is a pretty interesting online business that connects advertisers to bloggers. As a blogger I can make money by writing sponsored posts, and as an advertiser I can create buzz about my site by having many people blog about it.

The new program called Review My Post from puts a button at the bottom of everyone of my posts that lets anyone blog about my post and get paid for it. I also get paid for everyone that I can get to register with and write about my post.

It seems like a good deal to me.

There is another benefit to this beyond just getting paid to write blog posts.It should be a good way to build traffic to my site.Every time someone writes about a post on my site, they link to it, and in doing so, they can push up my Technorati rating, and improve my Google Pagerank.The higher my rating the easier it will be for people to find my site, and thus traffic should increase.I’m going to give this program a try, and I’ll let you know if it works out for me.