Burgers And Bordeaux

Last evening Heather and I attended a special event at the Fairmount hotel.  It was a complementary event held in the hotel kitchen.  They served some tasty or’deurves sized burgers made with everything imaginable.  There was prime rib burgers, Kobe rare beef burgers, chicken burgers, Portobello mushroom burgers, roast beef, and lamb burgers.  With a dozen top chefs working the kitchen for the event it was quite good.  The head chef for the hotel had an impressive resume, which was brought to our attention in a speech by the hotel general manager,  he’s worked for Jean Jorge at Trump Tower, and some other top restaurants in New York. 
In addition to the burgers, there was also some really good wine to drink.  We were able to have a glass from each of about 6 different wines.  I think they must have been relatively expensive bottles, they were really good.
Outside of the kitchen they had desert set up with chocolate fondue.  And they had one of those neat coffee machines that you put a coffee capsule in the machine and and a minute later you have a steaming cup of espresso.  The neat thing about it is that I could have a cappuccino, and Heather could have a dark roast, one right after the other.  It was a very impressive machine.