As I continue to learn about things regarding running a successful business, I’m gaining a perspective that I never had before.  I just finished a book of stories about the start up process, and that lead me to the next book which I want to read about copywriting.
Copywriting is a difficult skill.  A good copywriter can sell.  As compared to a telemarketer, copywriters just have to write the pitch once and then it can sell a product for a long time.  They are one of the most sought after people out there. According to Yahoo, Copywriting is one of the top 5 career choices out there right now.  A good copywriter can make lots of money, and will always have a job.
Writing good copy is a skill that takes years to develop.  I never expect to become an expert at it, but I would like to become familiar enough with how it works to be able to identify good copy from bad.
My next reading should be the text books I have for the course I’m doing,  but I’m also going to try to squeeze in a book on copywriting.  The art of selling is a facinating subject and one that I’ve come to appreciate.