Mid-point in Dale Carnegie Review

At this time, I’ve completed about 1/2 of the classes for the course.  The has been a noticable improvement in myself since starting the course.
Last nights class was focused on breaking out of our comfort zone especially with regards to animation, gestures, and movement.  One of the excercises that the class did was we recited these words:
I know someone in a rut.
And they’re going to stay in a rut.
Why?  I’ll tell you why!!!
Simply because they don’t use their
abilities to get things done!
We delivered that as loud as we could as a group,  I think the entire building shook as we said it!  Then each group said it, each one trying to be louder and more angry than the previous.  Finally each person in the class had to get up and say it by themselves, again with as much emotion and conviction that they could muster.  After each person gave their individual performance everyone in the class would stand up cheering and whistleing while the person tried to give 15 seconds of their prepared speech for the night over the roar of the crowd.  The result of this were quite stunning.  There was a noticable improvement in just about eveyone in the class last night.  Everyone became more comfortable, their voices projected better, they engaged the audience better.
One thing that I find interesting is that the class is made up of lots of people that are older.  There’s such a variety, from fresh university graduates,  to 50 year old salesmen.  The average age of the class is probably mid 30’s.  Some people had so much trouble at the first class just standing up and giving their name that they wanted to quit and not come back for session 2.  Now at session 5, those people are still a bit nervous when they get up, but their voices are much calmer, and they can deliver a speech without getting all choked up.  Some people’s progress has been quite astonishing really.