It’s getting close to my birthday, and I’m not really sure what I’d like to get to celebrate.

This weekend I’m going to try to hunt down a Nintendo Wii. They’ve been particularly hard to find in Vancouver, probably because 1) There’s a large group of hard core gamers with all the game software companies in the area, and 2) Vancouver has a policy of no Wal-Marts in the city, and relatively few box stores, so the supply is pretty low. In the downtown area there are only 3 places to get them right now, Futureshop, HMV, and EBGames. Considering that it’s also the densest part of the city, it’s been hard to find one.

It’s amazing that still 3 months after release they’re still just as hard to find as when they first came out. But hopefully I’ll manage to find one on the weekend.

The 3 things on top of my wish list right now are an Apple computer, a Midi-controller (keyboard) so I can play piano again, and a Wii.