Taking on a big project at work

I’m getting really psyched about my next big project at work.  I’ll be working on re-writing all of the stock indicators we use in the system.  There’s about 40 different things that we look at for every stock, and over the next 6 weeks, I’ll be learning about each and every one of them in detail.
There are two really great things about this project for me.  First, it is a critical part of the business that they’re trusting me to work on and deliver on time and working perfectly.  The fact that they’re giving it to me and not someone else that understands what’s going on better shows me that they trust my work.  Second,  I’m going to learn a lot about how to evaluate stocks programatically which I think should be pretty interesting.  I’m going to make sure that I take the time to fully understand each indicator that we use, and I’m going to document everything as I go.
Right now it looks like I’m going to be one of the key guys getting the company to our new database system.  The new database will enable a bunch of interesting possibilities, like potentially tic by tic stock data, and up to the minute stock analysis.  There’s going to be lots of cool stuff for me to work on.
The company has been booming over the last while.  There’s been a string of recent hires, and lots of people moving around.