This Blog is getting old

This is post 430. It’s amazing how long I’ve been running this blog. As a personal blog I think it’s helped people keep in touch with what I’ve been up to. Also It’s turned into a great resource to go back and see where I have been in the past.

If I keep this site up for the next 50 years, then it could be used as a research source for my life memoirs. I’ll be able to refer my writer to this site, and call me if they have any questions.

Way Way back when I first got a computer, it was a 386 made by Samsung running DOS. My first experience with programming was in a summer computer course for kids taught at MUN. We used QBasic to write a program that played a song on the PC Speaker.

The first real program that I wrote was a journal program. It was incredibly rudimentary. Running the program would bring up a prompt to enter my post. Pressing return would append my new entry to a file.