Web stuff

I’m currently working on several web projects.

These are the sites I’m working on at the moment:

  1. This Blog
  2. Halotis.com
  3. GoogleSnoop.com
  4. vancouver.rentfaster.ca

I finally heard back from rentfaster, and a deal is still possible. Before I can get closer to figuring out if it’s a good deal for me I’ll have to do a real market analysis, and work the numbers to see if there’s actually going to be a payoff here. The most difficult thing to decide is if I have the time to do it if I’m just working in the evenings. To run the site requires hiring a photographer, my primary roll supposedly would be client relationship management, sales, and marketing. It would be difficult to do that just in the evening. I’m interested in finding out if it would be possible to outsource as much as possible, but then the issue becomes financing the startup costs. It’s a risk but it could pay off. If it’s possible to outsource basically everything so that it only requires 1 hour/day or less and pays me the equivalent of $100/hr or more than I’ll probably go for it. I’m going to have to figure out if those numbers are realistic.

I should be able to start on the googlesnoop.com website soon. The scripts are coming along and I think should take just 1 or 2 days to finish, then the website design can start, which is another evening. Then I can launch the site. When the scripts unearth some dirt on Google I’m set. Once the site is up, it’ll be 30minutes of work only on days when there’s news to report.