Best way to find a Wii

Just after declaring that I wasn’t interested in getting a Wii, I’ve found the best way ever to get one.
There’s a site that monitors the websites like that sell the consoles online.  They offer an email notification service that will email you the moment that one of the sites adds stock online.  What I’ve done is signed up for that email alert, and it gets forwarded to my phone as an SMS message.  I get instant notification within 30 seconds of stock being added to one of the online stores.
This morning I got my first notification.  Unfortunately I don’t have a user account for Costco online, so I had to go through the process of signing up.  By the time I’d filled out the form the console was sold out.  There was another bundle however that was still available with a different game, I started going through the order process but at the last part of the purchase the site crashed.  I don’t think I got it,  but it was close, and a lot less painful than standing outside toys r us at 4am.