Google Snoop Progress

progress on googlesnoop has been pretty slow.  I have the page up, but the scripts that are supposed to power the site, are not yet completed.
the problems is that I hit a bit of a snag.  It seems that the engineers at Google are pretty smart and have things well hidden.
I did a bit of digging and found an interesting design feature of GMail.  They specify a version as part of the queries to the server.  the version number is actually a hash code which means that it is difficult if not impossible to find other versions, and therefore hack your way into a development version.  Specifying a version number like that allows the server to host as many different versions of GMail as they want.  Each user could be allowed to see different features enabled or disabled.  It is this feature that lets them roll out a new feature slowly to more and more people.
It also makes my job more difficult.
There are no direct links to javascript files. Instead everything is returned from server scripts with a long list of arguments.  That makes it more difficult for me to parse out the details that I want from the pages.
I’m going to learn a lot after this is all done.