The last few days I’ve had a lot of paperwork to do.
Taxes this year were extremely confusing. With all the jobs, owning a business, moving and stuff.  It just got messy. We don’t have a good filing cabnet in the apartment so that doesn’t help make it any easier to stay organized.  High on the list of things to get is a good sized filing cabnet.
Health Insurance, and Company RSP program.  I’ve had my job now for 6 months so I qualify for the health plan and the RSP program.  More forms to fill out.  Had to figure out what to invest in,  I’ll be putting 5% into my RSPs automatically deducted from my paycheck.  In another 6 months the company will start matching my 5%.  I’ll finally have my own health coverage soon, so I can replace my scratched glasses.
Investment Account changes.  I finally got around to changing my mailing address.  Also, I had to write a letter asking for my broker to forward copies of all my statements to my employer.  I’ll finally be able to trade stocks again, which is good because I have $8000 waiting to be invested.
I still have to complete my GST submission, for the GST that I collected with my business.
Application for ZipCar.  I got my card, but the application hasn’t been approved yet.  I have to call ICBC to get a copy of my claims history emailed to me.  Hopefully I’ll be able to drive a car again by the weekend.