Vancouver Auto Show

On Saturday I went to the Car show held at BC Place. Just about every major car company was represented there. The ones that I was hoping to see that weren’t there is Lamborghini, and Ferrari. It was definitely targeted towards people looking to buy a new car. It was cool that it was possible to get into a lot of the cars, and because all the cars were there I had the opportunity to check out a Honda and then hop in a Toyota to compare.

A car is something that I’d love to have for the upcoming summer. After spending a year in Vancouver I know the area within walking distance really well. However there are lots of places within driving distance that would be good for weekend trips. Off the top of my head, this summer I’d like to go to whistler for some zip trekking, and hiking, check out some of the wineries in the Okanagan Valley. It would be cool to go down to Seattle, do some surfing in Tofino, and see Victoria. There’s lots of places along the sunshine coast to see, and tons of things closer to Vancouver that are just difficult to get to on the buses.

After looking at lots of cars at the show I think that my favorite is probably the Honda Fit. The quality of the interior was way better than the other similar cars like the Toyota Yaris. The interior space in the Fit is pretty amazing in comparison to the other cars I sat in.

I took a bunch of photos of the show.