Vancouver Sun Run 2007

Today is the Vancouver Sun Run. The annual event is a 10km run. the route goes right past our apartment so we went down to watch the runners go by. the 4km mark is right across the street.

The mistake we made was that we crossed the street.

This year there were about 54000 people running. Yes, Fifty Four Thousand!

We crossed the street before the lead runner, who passed the 4km mark in 11 minutes. Following closely behind was the serious runners and then the roads started to get crowded. Quickly we found ourselves being pushed farther from the road, off the sidewalk and into the grass.

An hour later the road was still packed with runners, but determined to get some Starbucks we ran through the crowd.

Now, 2 hours after the run started the road is still full of people.

I’ll post some pictures later.