Neat Python web framework

Today I discovered a really neat little web application framework for coding in python.  it’s called  It’s incredibly simple to use, and compared with the other frameworks that I looked into a while ago there’s almost no learning curve.  I love Python and so I’m trying to keep my fingers into it as much as possible since everything I do at work is in Java.
For more information about the framework, the website is:
Now I’m trying to think of something to use it for.
I was recently inspired by an interview with a guy that wrote Desktop Defence, a Flash game for the web that’s hugely popular.  It was the first game he wrote, and apparently was pretty easy to do.  Now his site gets 20 million hits/month and if interest keeps up he’ll make a six figure income this year from that one game. 
If there’s anyone out there that would like to partner with me in developing a/some web based game(s) or some Web applications let me know.