There’s a number of things that I have on the go now.  I’ve put in place a bunch of deadlines over the last little while to keep myself on track with everything.
First off, I’ve put a countdown on the left sidebar.  It’s counting down to the race I’ve started training for in July.  I’m running every day now so that by July I’ll be able to manage a 10K race.
I’m planning on finishing the book I’m reading, 4 hour workweek, by June 24th that should keep me on track to finish my e-book by the end of the year.  By the 22nd I’d like to have my first product idea based on the ideas in the book ready to market test. and by the end of June I’m going to have a market feasibilty test done, and a decision to go ahead with the business plan or not.
I still have a goal to have a positive net worth by October.
HalOtis will have some positive cashflow, have a business account set up at the bank, and I’ll be ready to incorporate it by the end of the year.  HalOtis Technologies Inc.  🙂