Created a Google Adwords account

I finally got around to creating a Google Adwords account.  An adwords account lets me write those nice little ads that show up next to search results on google.  It’s the program that has made Google most of it’s billions of dollars since 2000. 
The purpose for opening the account is because I’m going to need it for the market feasibility study I’m going to be doing this month.  I’ll get into more details on sometime this week.
  • Nipponster Staff

    Welcome to the world of Adwords…

    keep us posted as to how things go. Are you going to do any ad campaigns for your websites or is this just for some kind of school research?

  • Otis

    I’m running a small campaign right now, but it seems I still have a lot to learn. I’ve had 2400 impressions and no clicks.

    I want to use adwords to test out some business ideas in the near future.