Vacation Days

I’m taking some vacation days over the next little while.
On Monday I’ll be taking a day to work on my business idea.  I’ll have the entire day to work from home on implementing the ideas I learned from 4 hour workweek.  Hopefully on Tuesday I’ll have an adwords campaign set up with a basic webpage to test the feasibility of my new store idea.  I’ve been looking at the Yahoo stores,  it seems like a very interesting service, and I may decide to run the business through Yahoo.
Then it’s Canada Day for another long weekend, followed by my trip to Calgary on the 6th.  So that week will only be a 3 day work week for me.  Sweet!
Over the past few days I’ve been feeling a little anxious to get started on my business idea.  Taking a vacation day to sit down and be productive about it is hopefully all I need to get things moving.