Weekend Recap

This weekend turned out to be pretty good.  We added some more plants to the apartment, and saw 50 naked bikers out riding in the rain. 
On Sunday both Beach Ave, and Davie St were shutdown for the Vancouver Triathalon.  About 500 people from around the world came to compete in the race that could qualify them for the olympics in Germany.  We went out to watch a bit of the Elite Mens race.  Those guys were in good shape.  Everyone was cheering and there were quite a lot of spectators there to watch these guys go past.  We made our way towards the finish line to see the end of the race, and watch the medal ceremonies.  Winning the Elite Womens was a New Zealander, and a Canadian won the Mens.  Next year Vancouver will be hosting the world championship triathalon with 5000 competitors.  That’s going to be huge.
I picked up Quicken over the weekend and started to set it up.  the software can download my bank account information from the web and do all sorts of analysis on it.  I can even chart my stock portfolio against the indices.  The software tracks my networth and cashflow which is really what I got it for.
We also booked tickets to Calgary for the July 8th to the 10th.  We’ll be there for the openning of The Stampede, and for the Calgary Marathon.  After a lot of convincing, I’m going to start training for the 10k run part of the Marathon.  I’m not sure if it’s possible to go from running 1k to 10k in a month, but now I have a goal, and a solid deadline.  So as of yesterday I’m running everyday rain or shine.  I’m on a very strict diet to help lose extra fat and maintain muscle mass.  I’ll record my progress.  But if last night’s run is any indication,  I have a long way to go.
Lastly, I did a lot of reading over the weekend.  The book I’m reading ( 4 hour workweek ) is probably the best book on making money I’ve read to date.  I’ve been taking notes as I go for the research project I’m working on.  My next step, and one I’m really excited about, is trying to get a passive income built upon the ideas in this book.  I’m considering hiring a virtual assistant as an experiment in learning how to delegate and lead and to get those things done that I don’t have the time for.  I’m going to set aside $500-$1000 to try to get something running.