Blogging from ScribeFire

I found a new method for quickly posting to both of my blogs.

ScribeFire is a Firefox add-on that can connect to both of my blogs and gives me a quick way to get writing without leaving the website that inspired the post. The add-on is specifically designed for people that are serious about their blogging. It has several neat features that makes it particularly good.

Not having to sign in to my blogger account or open my email, or log in to wordpress makes using this add-on far more efficient than the normal process.

It integrates with Technorati, and to tag the post automatically. It will also send a ping out to help generate traffic.

Over the past week I’ve installed a lot of new add-ons for Firefox. They’ve been extremely good. The result of using them has resulted in a serious increase in traffic on my site. My goal of having an average traffic of 50 visitors per day by the end of August will probably be very conservative.

If you’re getting into blogging, consider installing the ScribeFire add-on. It’s excellent.

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