MEC – One of the best stores on Earth

Last evening we headed over to Mountain Equipment Co-op. to look at some backpacks and pick up some presents for one of Heather’s co-workers who is moving to Prague.
They have a lot of really neat gear in the store.  It’s like being a kid in a candy store.  There are so many fun things to look at in the store.  Some of the things that stood out to me were:
  • A holster document pouch that straps to your torso like those police gun holsters.
  • Full body sized microfibre towels that roll up to a small pouch
  • a wall of probably 1000 nalgine bottles of different colors and varieties.
  • some really neat backpacks
  • a stainless steel double walled espresso cup
We were looking for backpacks with this criteria:
  • Had to be big enough to carry enough supplies for 2 weeks away from home.
  • fit in carry on luggage.
  • not make me look like I was a backpacking tourist.
  • have a design that made it easy to access things at the bottom, and pack effeciently.
What we found to fit our needs was actually a duffle bag.  But it has a hide away sling strap that actually turns it into a quite comfortable backpack.  The other packs we were looking at stood out as being too touristy.  At 35 liters it’s not a huge bag, but it should be able to pack enough to get by on.