new theme on

For the past few nights I’ve been sitting at the computer until late in the night working on the new theme.  It’s deceptively difficult work to do.  It looks like all I did was add another column and push things around a bit.  Yes,  that’s all I did. But getting it all to line up, and stay lined up when resizing the window, and in Internet Explorer.  There were lots of little problems that started to show up as I changed things around.
First off, I never realized there was an existing bug in the page when viewed in IE so I fixed that.
I was trying to find a template that had two fixed width columns on the left side and a fit width main content column. but there’s almost none of those listed on the wordpress theme repository.  So I had to figure out how to do it myself.  Two fixed columns on one side proved too frustrating (due to a bug in the html), so I resorted to putting one on either side.
I pulled the logo closer to the top of the screen and allowed the content to fit the width of the window.  This accomplishes one very important thing.  Pushing more content up the page means you grab people’s attention before they have to start scrolling.  Many people visit the page for less than one second before they can tell it’s not what they’re looking for.  By giving more stimulous in the initial one second of viewing it should be possible to hook more readers.
In the new sidebar, there is now a Google adsense wide tower format ad.  Placing it permanently in the side means that now all my pages will be monetized.  The tower format means that the content in the ad will be on the readers screen while they scroll down the article resulting in a better click through rate.