Significant Shift

Over the past week I’ve had a significant change in the way I perceive the internet.  As part of promoting my website I’ve started commenting on other sites (Right now I’m one of the top commentators on   I’ve started to build an online presence and personality.  The result was a frame shift that has really openned my thinking about the internet. 
For as long as I can remember the website for the Vancouver bus system has been terribly slow.  But it was only this week that I decided to send an email to customer support to ask them about it.  I found a website called now public which is based in vancouver, and I was impressed with their site so I sent them an email asking some questions.  Yesterday I found a person on stumbleupon that had a bunch of really cool photos on her profile page and I was the first to leave a comment about it.  I’ve joined into the discussion on many of the stories on digg.
Before this, I was a passive internet user.  I’d read the discussions online and never put in my thoughts.  I’d see something neat online and just think to myself that it was cool, or see something terrible and not do anything about it.  I’m becoming more active, and feeling comfortable with the switch.
I’ve been online for a long time.  It’s only now that I’m contacting new people through it.
There’s a novel I recently finished reading,  “Ender’s Game”.  If you haven’t read it… read it.  In it there are two 13 year old kids who decide to get on the net and assume adult personas so that they can comment on politics.  These personas become so real that they’re eventually published internationally in the paper and affect public perception.  Today that is entirely possible.  I could become 2 different people online, and coriograph debates designed to create an interesting conflict.  It’s an interesting thought.