PayPal sucks

So it’s partly my fault. I forgot my password.

I forgot my password, and I couldn’t answer the security questions correctly.

well, I answered them correctly, but they weren’t accepting my answers.

The next step in recovering your password is to have a new password sent to the address on file. So I thought, perfect, I’ll just wait for 2 weeks for snail mail to deliver my new password and I’ll have access to my account.

2 weeks pass, and I get the new password, log in, and they ask me the same security questions that I couldn’t get right 2 weeks earlier and lock the account again! This time they give me a phone number to call.

I call them up. My next instructions are to fax a photo ID, and bill proving that I live at the address on the account, and a special cover letter. then wait another 7 to 10 days at which point I’m going to get further instructions.

This is absolutely ridiculous.