Monthly Goals

Today I read a blog post about traffic statistics on and it inspired me to open up my google docs and get a spread sheet going.

I plotted my monthly visitors and pages views to and found a nice trend happening since May of this year. has been growing in terms of traffic by about 22% each month, with July spiking up to 70% growth. I decided to extrapolate the data to see what would happen if I managed to maintain a 22% growth rate for the next year.

Wow! If the trend continues then by this time next year I’ll have about 2000 visitors per day.

So now I have a spreadsheet of monthly traffic goals to reach. For September I’m aiming for 2000 visitors for the month. My current number is just 600 visitors so I’m going to have to do some serious promotion to meet my goal for the month.

My post today on about Generating Traffic is my plan for meeting that goal.