Seeing Billy Joel in concert

Next month I’ll be seeing Billy Joel in concert. He’s probably the top of my list for people I’d like to see play. I think the concert is sometime in late October.

This weekend Heather is going on a trip and leaving me to fend for myself. In preparation I’ve fully scheduled my time out on my Google Calendar and will be working on building a new website over the weekend. I have a number of great ideas that I want to start exploring including a programming project.

Got my flight book for the Christmas trip home. Will be leaving on December 20th and returning to Vancouver on January 2nd.

I’ve been ramping up my fitness schedule over since my last post. There happens to be an outdoor pull-up bar about 1.5km from the apartment which is the perfect distance. When it’s not raining out I can jog up there to warm up, and then do some muscle building before heading home. For when it is raining I have a routine set up with some easy things I can do with dumbbells.

Tracking my food has made the biggest impact so far. I haven’t had a can of anything to drink since starting to log everything. I’ve switched to snacking on nuts and drinking water. I’m trying to avoid breads but they’re such a staple that it’s hard to get away from them.