Thinking about joining the Immediate Edge

In my continuing goal to make money online and get my business profitable, I’m considering joining in the Immediate Edge program.

The Immediate Edge is done by the same group of people that put off the 30 day challenge. It’s a membership site where they start at least one new business online every month, sometimes doing two or three. They share not only every detail about what and how they do everything in a newsletter and blog, but they also give access to the code to help you get going quickly.

It definitely seems like a good deal to anyone serious about getting into internet marketing.

The price is a monthly fee of $97USD. So it has to be taken seriously as an investment, as a business expense. After seeing and hearing the successes of so many people in the 30 day challenge, I realize the $100/month is really a drop in the bucket the moment you find a profitable niche and build a content network around it.

I realize now that in order to make it big, there’s a lot of little things to know about. but even once you know about them, there’s always new things popping up to take advantage of.

It’s going to be nearly impossible for me to do all this on my own without some sort of help. So I’m going to think about it for another few days and then decide if the Immediate Edge is right for me.