Training again

Well that’s about to change. I have a new plan to start a get in shape regime that is based on my new fitness role model Jason Statham.

The ultimate goal here is to be in fantastic shape by the time I have to go home for Christmas.

So taking Jason’s advice, I’m going to be logging all my food intake and counting every calorie. I’m giving up bread and pasta completely to reduce my carbs, and increasing my legumes.

Even just this morning I’ve already found that there has been a huge difference. Keeping a log changes what I choose to eat because I have to think about writing it into my book. I’d rather not have a coke permanently on my record.

For exercise I’m starting a 35minute 6 days per week regime which will include a 10 minute run to warm up, followed by 10 minutes of moderate exercise (pushups, crunches, sprints) then 15 mintes of intense interval training doing 6 different exercies (benchpress, squats, crab walk, farmers walk, rope climb etc)

Tonight i’m going to start my new training plan by getting home and immediately going for a jog. I’ll stop at the park for some pullups, pushups, crunches and try out some of the more interesting exercises.

To help keep everything in check, I’m going to pick up a cheap stopwatch to make sure I don’t skimp on the time.