Apple announced their most profitable quarter in company history. This caused stock prices to jump almost $12 today to reach $186.10. Too bad I only own 15 shares.

It seems that everyone is buying Macs these days. Soon I’ll be one of them. I was thinking about my ideal computer setup, this is what it would be:
2 MacBooks – one for me, one for Heather (I would actually rather the MacBook than the MacBook Pro because of the size)
1 Mac Mini – Hooked up to the TV and with a TV Tuner USB adapter to record TV, with an attached external harddrive for backups and storing videos/music. It would have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse so that I could use the computer from the couch.
1 20″ widescreen monitor and mouse on the desk so that I could dock my laptop and work from a full screen monitor/keyboard.

Although I’m pretty happy with running Linux on my PC at home, there’s a few things that I wish I had, namely working video and sound capture, and iTunes. As a development environment Linux is great, for surfing the net it’s rock solid. But there’s so much stuff that’s just hard to use.

Ongoing problems with Windows have been frustrating. I will never buy a Windows machine ever again.