Billy Joel Tonight

Tonight I’m going to see Billy Joel Live in concert. I’m super excited about it. I’m going to have to sneak in a camera. Hopefully I’ll have some good pictures to post tomorrow so stay tuned.

Heather an I started to go swimming. After the long summer strike that closed the pools we’re finally able to go to the community pool down the street. We’re planning on swimming twice per week. We’re also going to cancel our gym memberships tomorrow. They’ve managed to hook us into contracts which we can’t just cancel without either a doctors note or if we’re moving more than 30 miles from the nearest location. So tomorrow we’re going in there to tell them that we’re moving. If I have to I’ll print off an official looking document from HalOtis saying that we’re re-locating.

With the Canadian dollar hitting 1.05 yesterday I checked out the amount that would be saved on a laptop if we bought it in Seattle. It’s actually $400 cheaper to get them across the border (and sneak them back). We might head down there in January for the first time to do some shopping.