Ikea, birthdays, and stuff

There’s been lots happening since my last post.

Heather’s birthday was last week and we decided to celebrate by going to the really nice restaurant down the street that we both really wanted to try for the last year. It was really good. I had the seared salmon with parsnip and smoked bacon, and Heather had the chicken, for desert I had the creme brulee, and heather had a molten chocolate cake with squash mouse. Squash mouse doesn’t sound too tasty but it was actually really nice.

Over the past two weeks my website has continued to make sales, my account is currently up to $192. I’m pretty pleased with the response I’m getting with the site. I’ll be working on it more this week.

Yesterday we went to Ikea to get a filing cabinet for all the papers littering the desk. We got one of those, but we also picked up a dresser for the bedroom, 3 new plants and pots, a new pillow, a chopping board, 2 bar stools, a chalk board, and some more hangers.

When we got back we found out that Heather’s bank card had been compromised, so we had to go to the bank to get a new card issued.

Today Heather is off to Phoenix, AZ, for a conference. So I have the place to myself until Thursday.

For some reason I spent the day working on something for the Atlantic Rug Hooking website. I wanted to try out the Content Management System called Joomla and an accompanying e-commerce plugin that integrates a whole bunch of features for running a store online. It’s actually pretty neat, and very flexible. My future websites my switch to using joomla as a back-end as opposed to using WordPress.

It’s raining here, and looks like it’ll be showering for the rest of the week.