October Net worth Update (+21%)

I’m excited to say that my net worth has finally started increasing again. For the month of October my spending was up slightly but because of a better month for my stocks and additional income from my websites I managed to nudge myself in the right direction.

This month also marks the first month that I’ve seen substantial income from my websites. The stock secrets page is currently holding about $290 US which was made during this month. The ads on halotis.com made another $2.14. I still need to make several more sales before I receive a check for that money.

I also decided to take a close look at the trend over time for my net worth. The first few months that I was tracking it things were going really well, and I was looking like I’d meet my goal. Starting in May things kind of flat-lined with the trip to Florida and then the summer and then with the flight home taking big chunks of my money. I’m hoping that for November I can stay away from any big purchases.

I’m on track now to hit a positive net worth by the end of the year which means that my next update should be for 50% increase.

Getting that secondary income made a substantial impact this month. I’m hoping that I can increase my website income to $400 for the month of November.

Here’s the chart of my net worth since I started tracking it: