Relearning Python

I have a new programming hobby project that I’ve been thinking about for the last week, in fact I never got to sleep last night until 3am. The possibilities with the software that I’m writing could be huge. I’m still not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it when it’s done. But there are a number of options.

The program could be used to populate a webpage with some information that is uniquely mine. If the quality is high then It could generate some serious traffic to the site and generate some income through advertising.

The other option is to turn the product around and sell it.

Yet another option is to start a newsletter that pushes out the data to subscribers on a daily basis for a monthly or annual fee.

Either way, I’m going to try to tackle the programming in Python. This introduces way more risk into the whole endeavor, since I’ve never done a large scale Python project. I’ll see how it goes.

I’m working on getting some data loaders written that will pull data from either Google or Yahoo. Once I have a set of historical daily data, I can start to schedule a process to get data more frequently. With Google and Yahoo I could potentially grab a price every ten minutes or so.

This is pretty exciting. Lots to learn.