Diet Coke

It’s strange. For years I could never drink diet coke. The aspartame taste completely disagreed with me to the point where if I accidentally bought a diet drink, no matter how thirsty I was, I’d never be able to finish more than 2 sips before tossing the bottle.

That is slowly starting to change. There is a fridge full of complementary drinks at the office so it’s hard to keep myself from grabbing a can of something during the day. To avoid the empty calories in regular Coke I switched to Coke Zero. Now I’m on the fence. After a few weeks the aspartame flavor is diminishing. In another couple of weeks I might prefer the taste of diet coke.

The strange thing is that now drinking regular soft drinks is like drinking sugar. It’s gross.

Maybe Coke should come up with Coke Semi-sweet. Half the sugar.